Communicating your thoughts is easier said than done.

Putting your thoughts into words that accurately describe your message is a lot of work – probably more work than you planned to do.

Let’s be honest – if writing your newsletter, website text, or blog was easy, it would already be done.  Or maybe it was done, but it wasn’t done well.  Let me help you create a final product that shares your information, your ideas, and your passion.  Express yourself – through me.


Newsletters are an excellent way to stay in touch on a regular basis.  Whether you’re a business or a community HOA, keep your clients and readers informed with news that interests them.

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Website Text

Your website should be updated once or twice a year to keep the content fresh.  Whether you’re updating an existing website or starting a new one, this is a must-do item on your list.

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Blog Writing

Let your website visitors know what’s new, what’s happening, and what’s changing that affects them.  A blog adds a personal touch to your website that readers will appreciate.

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Kim Ruiz has been an amazing contributor to our communications.  She has managed to be detailed as well as very professional about everything she has taken on for our community.  Her talents have been used for our newsletters that she creates, our website that she set up, and the construction of letters in response to owners.  We as a community are very fortunate to have her available for our needs.

J. Gilblair HOA Board Member

When we needed to update our website copy, we worked with Kim to translate the passion we have for our computer IT work into fresh content.  Kim has been a great partner in expanding our marketing ideas as well, so that all our products tie in well with each other.  Her background in news script writing helped with an advertising script we needed.  We highly recommend Kim’s writing services to our other business associates.

B. Spears Computer IT Company

Kim has been a valuable resource to our growing property management company.  She has impressed us with her creativity in taking otherwise “dull material” and making it interesting and useful to others.  She willingly took on the task of organizing and writing our new website copy, quickly created newsletters for our communities, and has impressed us with her quick turnaround on any writing project.  Kim is always professional and courteous in her work.

P. Pinner HOA Property Management Company

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